Here we are describing small case study provided by our client for showing efficiency improvement and power consumption reduction by replacing their existing Ozonation system with with NANOBBLE Micro Nano Bubble Generator Pump for their effluent COD reduction process.

One of our client located in Gujarat region engaged in chemical and pharma manufacturing were using normal ozonation system to treat their effluent to reduce COD using 7.5 HP motor equipped with ventury to treat their effluent in batches of 30 KL volume for 5 hours.

Following is the table showing their COD reduction rate when they were using conventional ozonation process using 7.5 HP motor with ventury till September 2019.

Volume (kl)O3 TimeInput PhenolInput CODCT-1CT-2CT-3% Reduction
305 Hr865278435460288967



They replaced their 7.5 HP pump and ventury with our NANOBBLE model 0375ENG40MNBX which is 5 HP system giving 5 M3/hour flow since September 2019, they are getting COD reduction as shown in following table.

Volume (kl)O3 TimeInput PhenolInput CODCT-1CT-2CT-3% Reduction
305 Hr97794778166576592


Based on above data provided by client it is clearly seen that by simply replacing their old pump and ventury  with NANOBBLE Micro Nano bubble generator they achieved higher process efficiency increased from 67% to 92%, and not only that their power consumption has been reduced from 7.5 HP to 5.0 HP, which shows 33 % reduction in power consumption. That makes huge difference when systems like these running 24/7 without any stoppage.

Since September 2019 till today our NANOBBLE micro nano bubble generator system running 24/7 without any issue. Before they had issues like setting valves at ventury everyday to set ozone flows, cleaning the ventury when they had back flows from pump etc. Now Such issues also not coming for them.


This clearly shows COD reduction process efficiency improvement by 25% and power consumption reduction by 33%.