NANOBBLE is Most Advanced Most Efficient Most Compact Most Reliable Micro Nano Bubble Generator Technology

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Expertise in Micro Nano Bubble Generation and its application make us your reliable partner application developer and OEM supplier. Special rates for OEM users with higher volume.

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All our products are assembled from parts made in highest precision state of the art manufacturing technology using full computerized controlled machines in temp controlled environment

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joining hands with us means not only excellent products but also best in class after sales service and parts support. Support for special application development is what make us different than our competitors.

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We have range of micro nano bubble generator regenerative turbine (DAF) pump models for various flow rate ranging from 0.6 M3/Hour to 100 M3/Hour

Our clients say

"We are using NANOBBLE 5 M3/Hour Model since last 6 months 24/7 for COD reduction using ozonation. There is no issue in operation and most importantly before it was taking 60 mins to have 65-70% COD reduction, now with this improvement it take 30 mins to achieve 92-97% COD reduction"
Dr Anil Jivani
Yashashvi Rasayan Pvt Ltd (Dahej, Gujarat)
"We have achieved amazing Dissolved Oxygen values after incorporating NANOBBLE micro nano bubble generators with oxygen generators for our shrimp ponds, now our shrimps are healthy and of great quality"
Mr Vasudev Raju
Sri Laxmi Narasimha Aqua Feed And Needs (Andhra Pradesh)
We have received amazing application support from NANOBBLE team for various processes like Membrane foul removal CIP using micro bubbles, Cooling tower water conditioning & pre-treatment applying micro nano bubbles.
Mr Gopi Kant Nayak
"We are using NANOBBLE pumps for more than 2 years without any problem in our process intensification lab for various applications like GAS / Liquid mixing, liquid liquid mixing, ozonation, Deoxidation using nitrogen, CIP cleaning of membrane for Foul removal etc.There has been great help from NANOBBLE team for various application identification and development. "
Mr Rahul Chaydhari
MaxPro - United Phosphorus Limited (Jhagadia, Gujarat)
"Amazing application support and product performance for advanced oxidation process for textile effluent discoloration and odor removal using Ozone micro nano bubbles produced from NANOBBLE 5 M3/Hour Model"
Mr Rakesh Gajjar
Arvind Envisol (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
"We are DAF, WTP, STP, ETP plant designers and manufacturers. After incorporating NANOBBLE pumps in our plant we are achieving faster process / reaction along with better results than before."
Mr Sagar Apte
Ecosense WaterTech (Belgaum)
"This NANOBBLE pump opened huge opportunity for researchers and students like us to increase process efficiencies in various applications. The incorporation of this nano technology from NANOBBLE helped us achieve some of the novel processes in various applications "
Dr. Sameer Dalvi
Chemical Department (IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat)